One Word 2017 - {Restore}

For many years, I've chosen a Word of the Year that I try to study and embrace.  In December, I usually start my quest to find "the" word.  I received a special package and in it had a book called The Year of Cozy.   I jumped at the the thought of the word cozy.  I imagined warm blankets and flickering candles and the warmth that this word would bring.  But as I pondered it more, it didn't feel like this was the right year.  After so many years of trials, I knew I wasn't in the place to find cozy without some things being restored first.  

The word restore kept coming to heart in the following days and weeks.  I always do a Scripture search while I am choosing my word and when I came across 1 Peter 5:10 it really spoke to my heart.  It spoke of suffering, the gift of grace and the restoration to Him - the confirmation, the strengthening, and the establishment.

I knew that restore was my one word for the upcoming year!

I've already been applying the word in my life.  I am deep in thought and seeking this path of restoration - not only for my health, but in so many areas of my life that have suffered - health, homeschool, our home, our fellowship and worship, and so much more.  I see I not only want the word restore to permeate deeply,  but I need the word restore to be active and productive in my life.  

I never know where my word of the year will take me, but I am looking forward, with excitement, to what restore will bring this year.

My past words are often still part of my life.

2009 ~ Compassion ::we've been sponsoring through Compassion ever since!::
2010 ~ Yearn ::I wanted more of God's guidance in so many areas -- still do!::
2011 ~ Tomorrow ::it always holds the memories of today!::
2012 ~ BeLoved  ::I needed to accept things as they were::
2013 ~ Abundance  ::I saw so much abundance and saw areas having too much::
2014 ~ Be still  ::I needed patience -- oh a struggle to embrace at times::
2015 ~ Nourish ::"I" had good intentions for this word, but God had better plans to nourish me differently ... spiritually.  This required SLOW -- exactly where He wants me to be now.::
2016 ~  Slow ::a year + unfolded with so many "beauty full" moments::
2017 ~  Restore
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