Pouring out my heart . . . like water

Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord!

New beginnings to familiar rhythms.   A blank slate, but with remnants of erased chalk dust.  I begin here now, with what has been placed heavily on my heart.  A small hidden blogging cove full of the inner pieces of my heart and days.  A place to leave a legacy of memories for those I love.  Our stories.  My letters of love.

I begin by kneeling and lifting my hands in prayer . . .

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift my hands and heart to You.  I am so grateful for the gift of being able to write these words for my family.  May I pour out my heart like water before Your presence and lift my hands for the lives of my children.  I seek Your guidance to keep me grounded and trusting You with my days.  Please help me be the wife that honors my husband.  I'm weary; physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  I know that only by Your strength, I can endure.  Sometimes, I'm scared.  It's hard being a wife, mama, homeschool teacher, and grandma.  And even harder to wear all these hats and transition between them often.  I humbly ask for You to be gentle with me because I know I need to improve in all my roles.  

I thought as I got older and wiser things would get easier, but life is constantly changing.  I can feel my own pain, but also the pain of others close to me.  I can only imagine the pain You felt as You hung on that cross.  Thank you for carrying that cross for the undeserving - me.  I reverently accept Your gift of eternal life and want to instill this in the hearts of my children.

The gifts you've given me are only little for so long and I yearn to do the best that You have called me to do.  I know that Your plans are always better than mine.  Help me trust this.  Help me trust You more.  

Most importantly, help me seek You every day and pour out my 

~In Your presence,

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