About me

I'm a real wife, mom, and grammie with a heart that pours out from the beautiful overflow.  I have a heart that aches from real pain, tears that fill my eyes from JOY and sorrow, and wounds that have left scars among bits of gained wisdom over the years.  A life beautiful!   I'm a misfit in social circles.  I  love being a homebody, and yet I like to be around company.  I try to do it all and experience the usual epic fails.

I'm passionate about homeschooling.  We have graduated 3 daughters and still in the beginnings with our youngest 2 daughters.  I remember early on when homeschooling was a bit lot more simple.  There was a lot less to choose from!  I was touched by a gentle mentor, {Missey Gray }, and embraced her shared method of heartschooling.  I'm still learning beside my girls and loving every minute.  I'm so grateful for my hard working husband {thank you, dear husband } and the gift to stay home.
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